• March 18, 2013

    Charles Davis was named the new Dean of Grady College. Dean Davis places focus on technical skills and creating “digital...
  • September 2012

    Grady College established the new sports journalism program, which would be headed by professor Vicki Michaelis. The program directs the...
  • 2008

    The inaugural class of The Grady Fellowship is announced recognizing Grady alumni and friends for their accomplishments, friendship and service.
  • 2007

    Grady College added the McGill Symposium to bring together students, faculty and leading journalists to consider what journalistic courage means...
  • 2006-2013

    Dean Clark serves Grady College as the dean, expanding the faculty and starting planning for the Grady 100 Centennial.
  • 2001-2005

    John Soloski served as the dean of Grady College — the fifth dean in the school’s history.
  • 1999

    Make something work, then make it work better. The New Media Institute was founded and explores the critical, commercial and...
  • 1990

    James M. Cox, Jr. Institute for Journalism Newspaper Management Studies is established. In 2014, the name would change to Cox...
  • 1988

    Grady School of Journalism and Mass Communication becomes Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication signifying a full range of...
  • 1985

    The James M. Cox, Jr. Center for International Mass Communication Training and Research began operations. The Center has conducted more...
  • Feb. 11, 1983

    Dean Drewry dies (AJC called him “the most important figure in Georgia journalism since Henry W. Grady.”)
  • 1983-2000

    J. Thomas Russell served as Dean of Grady College. Since starting work at UGA in 1967, he saw the Grady...
  • 1983

    Ph.D. program established
  • May 15, 1980

    The student newspaper The Red & Black went independent from Grady School after the student management and the Board of...
  • 1979

    Ralph McGill Lecture established
  • 1977

    Regents approved adding Mass Communication to school’s name
  • 1976-1983

    Scott M. Cutlip served as the dean of Grady College. He was the co-author of one of the best-selling public...
  • 1970

    First Awards Convocation held
  • 1969 – 1975

    Warren K. Agee became the dean of Grady School in 1969 succeeding long-time dean John E. Drewry. He quadrupled the...
  • 1963-1991

    Worth McDougald, the longest-serving director of the Peabody Awards to date, serveds as director.
  • 1961

    Charlayne Hunter (now Hunter-Gault) and Hamilton Holmes became the first two African-American students to enroll in the University of Georgia....
  • Nov. 5, 1953

    Bill Shipp, Walter “Bucky” Lindy and Priscilla Arnold editorials in Red & Black: Created Equal (pg. 68)
  • 1953

    Public relations added to the sequence by Hamilton Frazier Moore.
  • 1952

    208 enrollment (127 men and 81 women)
  • 1950s

    Classes — News-Editorial, Advertising-PR, Radio-TV, Journalistic-Literary Appreciation, Editorial-Secretarial sequence
  • 1948

    The Peabody Awards adds television shows to its list of recipients
  • 1948

    122 graduates incl. Claude Williams who won a Silver Star and Purple Heart and created Athens Daily News
  • 1946

    Georgia Radio/TV Institute founded
  • 1945

    23 graduates incl. Aubrey Richard Morris from WSB (pg. 45)
  • March 24, 1944

    Dedication of Jean Charlot mural (one of 5 in the CJ Building).
  • 1944

    22 graduates – 2 males
  • 1944

    Margaret Childs first female editor of the Red & Black. (Photo from the Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library/University of...
  • 1943

    30 graduates, including Willis Johnson (storyteller for banking), Jess Outlar (sports journalist) and Eugene Patterson (journalist following WWII.) (pg. 45)
  • 1942

    Dan Magill, Jr., legendary tennis coach and father of intercollegiate sports, and Jim Tate, pioneer in corporate communications at AGL,...
  • March 21, 1941

    March 21, 1941, The George Foster Peabody Awards are first presented to six distinguished radio winners at the Commodore Hotel...
  • 1941

    W. Stanford Smith graduates later to become executive officer of the American Newspaper Publishers Assoc. (pg. 52)
  • August 7, 1940

    On August 7, 1940, Dean Drewry gave credit for the suggestion the UGA should administer a similar award to the...
  • 1940

    241 were enrolled in Grady School. Of the 69 who graduated that year, 42 were women. (pg. 38)
  • 1940

    Hallie Carolyn McKenzie graduates and becomes an award-winning photo-journalist, first with the Atlanta Constitution and later with Coca-Cola. Following graduation,...
  • 1939

    Trying to address the fact that Columbia University, home of the Pulitzer Prize, does not accept electronic (radio) entries, Lambdin...
  • Late 30s

    In the late 1930s, the leaders of Grady College realized a need to train students to become young professionals. Leaders...
  • 1938

    Grady College offers instruction in radio (pg. 27)
  • 1938

    Master of Arts degree authorized
  • 1937

    In 1937, Professor Willett M. Kempten conducted the first European travel seminar, where leading American newspapers and associations, as well...
  • 1934

    Lessie Bailey Smithgall graduates. She would introduce Lambdin Kay and John Drewry, an introduction that resulted in the creation of...
  • 1934

    Marion Tyus Butler graduates (director of the Alumni Assoc. in the mid-50s)
  • 1933

    Drewry organizes the Georgia Collegiate Press Association
  • 1932

    First graduate course at Grady: advertising (pg. 59)
  • 1931

    The creation of the nation’s first internship program (pg. 27)
  • 1931

    The Georgia Press Association established a Hall of Fame and made Grady School its official home (pg. 27). The first...
  • Late 20s

    Enrollment at Grady College was nearly 70 students. (page 17) 20 women graduated in the 20s with Bachelor of Arts...
  • 1929

    Robert Sherrod graduates from Grady. He was a well-known WWII war correspondent who eventually became editor of The Saturday Evening...
  • 1928

    In 1928, the Commerce-Journalism Building was established and became the offices of The Red & Black. Commerce-Journalism was later renamed...
  • 1928

    Benjamin Hill Hardy, Jr. graduates. He would later write the speech that would become Truman’s “Four Points Doctrine,” the strategy...
  • 1928

    Georgia Press Institute founded (first held at UGA in 1929)
  • March 5, 1927

    On March 5, 1927, Grady School sent a copy of its petition for membership in Sigma Delta Chi, an honorary...
  • Mid-20s

    Drewry organized the first press bureau for UGA (pg. 16)
  • 1922

    John Drewry becomes the second graduate of Grady College.
  • 1922

    In 1922, a second professor was added to Grady School. John Eldridge Drewry was named the Director of Grady School...
  • 1922

    The first major gift to the college is donated — a Mergenthaler Linotype machine. (pg. 29)
  • June 12, 1921

    On June 12, 1921, the Board of Trustees suggested Professor Sanford change the name of the School and since that...
  • 1921

    Steadman forms the Southern Conference, later changed to the Southeastern Conference in 1932.
  • 1921

    First graduate of Grady School of Journalism: Lamar Jefferson Trotti from Decatur (would go on to produce a major motion...
  • 1918

    Women enrolled at Franklin College at UGA
  • 1917

    Classes at Grady: Newspaper Reporting and Correspondence, Newspaper Editing, Special Articles, Editorial Writing, History and Principles of Journalism, Psychology of...
  • June 12, 1915

    The UGA Board of Trustees passed a resolution to establish the School of Journalism after a young professor — Steadman...
  • 1915

    Approximately 500 students enrolled at UGA
  • 1908

    First Journalism school in Missouri
  • November 24, 1893

    On November 24, 1893, the first copy of The Red & Black came off the press after it was founded...
  • 1872

    Henry W. Grady graduates from UGA in 1872
  • 1852

    George Foster Peabody is born in Columbus, GA. After a career bank, railroad and utility investments (one would become GE),...
  • May 24, 1850

    Henry W. Grady is born.
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Chelsea Cook
2010 The ONE time I received praise from Conrad Fink after writing a piece in the Red & Black- hearing his voice read my words was such an honor.
Shannon Sullivan Collado
2010 My best memories from my time at the University of Georgia are almost all connected to Grady College. It gave me a sense of purpose and pride to call myself a ‘tele kid’. I walked into the double doors of...
Michael Gray
2011 The relationships I made as a public relations major at Grady will last forever. My professors and the fellow students in my classes became more than just acquaintances during my tenure – they became my friends. Ask anyone if they...
Julia Hemingway
2014 As a student-athlete in college, I often feared that I would not have enough time to prepare for my future. Most of my classmates had at least two to four internships under their belts by senior year and there I...
Pete McDonald
2012 Going to great heights to show #WeAreGrady pride.
KC Smith
2014 Oh the places you'll go
Tanya Sichynsky
2014 Grady College Fall 2014 Convocation
Taylor Thompson
2013 Showing my @UGAGrady pride on desk for @MyArkLaMiss
Sammy Slappey
2014 Repping @UGAGrady behind the wheel of a vintage @UPS truck
Morgan Beavers
2016 Representing @UGAGrady and @UGAEquestrian at practice with my #Grady100 centennial pennant.
Anna Szambelan
2013 #WeAreGrady
Emily Schwartz
2012 #WeAreGrady
Jessica Neville
2013 #WeAreGrady
Joseph Ripley, Jr.
2014 Grady Convocation Fall 2014, Hodgson Hall is the place to be! #WeAreGrady #Grady100 #UGA
Maggie Siu
2012 Good to be back at Grady College! #WeAreGrady #Grady100 #UGAHomecoming
Erin Parks
2010 I first heard about Grady College my sophomore year of high school. One day in April of 2004, four students came to my journalism class to visit. They were older, tall, witty, and full of confidence. Immediately following, everything I...
Noemie Tshinanga
2014 Winning the Grady Centennial logo contest is something that I'll never forget and will always cherish. Being able to attend the Peabody Awards and meet Grady Alumni in New York was amazing! So grateful for that opportunity.
Meredith Dean
2014 When Dean Clark welcomed us as newly admitted students to the college-I felt like I was a part of something amazing at UGA: The Grady Family
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Lauren Patrick
2007 The Grady College is the first place that truly felt like home for me in Georgia. My folks moved us down here from northern Virginia when I was 10 years old. I never really felt like I fit in and...
Brittney Haynes
2009 At this celebratory moment, I remember words Dean Charles Davis once shared: “Young alumni are the lifeblood of the College… the next generation of leadership that will move the institution forward. It's more important than ever for you to be...
Eric NeSmith
2002 Perhaps the greatest benefit to being an alum is the clarity of 20-20 hindsight vision. I would like to think as a UGA undergrad I cherished every moment and didn't miss a beat, but the likelihood of that is pretty...
Matthew Mammola
2008 The news package was totally done. It was ready to submit for Newsource the next day. But I could feel that something was just a little bit off… My classmate had no idea why I was still sitting in the...
Sammy Jones
2005 Displaying a little Grady pride after a hard day's work...
Holly Heller
2005 #WeAreGrady
Amie Jones
2003 Celebrating Grady Centennial! #WeAreGrady #Grady100
Ashley Callahan
2004 Everyone hopes to find that one teacher: a John Keating of “Dead Poets Society” who sees something in you and decidedly makes an investment. It’s the professor who serves as a mentor, a model, the one who cares more about...
Jacob Cole
2009 In August of 2012, I found myself on a second round interview sitting in front of the chief operations officer of the Harbin Clinic, the largest physician owned multi-specialty group in Georgia. Fully staffing two 300-bed hospitals with specialists, and...
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Enrique Carrión
1999 I had the honor of playing tennis with Dan Magill (ABJ '42). He also gave me a tour of The Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) and shared with me some of his great experiences coaching the UGA Men's tennis team and...
Dorrie Johnson Love
1991 Dorrie Johnson Love, Professor David Hazinski and Susan McClure at end of the year gathering in 1991.
Thomas Heffron
1995 I surprised Dean Russell by taking a selfie during the Grady convocation in 1995.
Brent Hyams
1994 1996 Peabody Awards: Dean Tom Russell, Robin Hommel, Cynthia Harris, Brent Hyams and Ruhanna Neal
Kelley Buttrick
1994 @UGAGrady pennant waving today at @Soundbyte_Inc for a VO session.
Scott Williamson
1992 Reppin' @UGAGrady like a BOSS @CocaCola #WeAreGrady #Grady100
Jay Martin “Marty” Wildes
1992 I was a transfer student from Georgia Southern determined to finish my degree from the University of Ga. I rolled into Athens the last days of 1989 that December looking for a place to live. I subleased a room in...
Rob Norris
1991 Grad school with Scott Shamp and Hypercard. Basketball with Barry Sherman. Next door neighbor Danny Sniff. Scott Williamson, Kevin Seidel, Mark Fisher, Ford Risley #Grady100
Tom Johnson
1990 Me, on @UGAGrady graduation day in June 1990. Great education @universityofga got me where I am today! #GoDawgs #TBT
Laura Cushing
1997 Laura (Robertson) Cushing and Amy Nelson in the University News studio in 1997.
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Bryan Salas
1987 LtCol Bryan Salas (ABJ '97) serves as the senior spokesman for all Marine Forces in Iraq in 2006.
Brad Taylor
1983 Our Grady College Student Advertising Campaign competition team led by Professors Jim Frost and Ron Lane won the National Championship in Washington DC.
Audrey Haynes
1987 During my senior year I had the opportunity to take the course that all public relations students live for -- Public Relations Campaigns. The best part was that we had the opportunity to work with Ruthann Weaver Lariscy. She was...
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Deborah Norville
1979 Go Dawgs!
Jean Cobb
1974 Grady College turns 100 this year! Outstanding!
Rex Granum
1972 At Warner Robins High School, Warner Robins, Ga., I had been the editor of both the yearbook and the newspaper, and particularly enjoyed writing. So, once I was accepted to the University of Georgia, I enrolled in the journalism school....
Philip Lee Williams
1972 Television and film were in the dark ages when I was in the Grady College, but I still learned so much about being part of a team and about how stories are crafted and created. I became a better reporter,...
Robin Sherman
1977 Top of mind today about getting a master's degree at Grady are: --theoretical discussions with Dr. Stuart Surlin, my major professor; --typography courses in UGA's art department with Ronald Arnholm (he's the best); --staff member of WUOG from 1973 to...
Emily Prather Smith
1973 My story begins June 5, 1973, the day I went to work at the Grady College, known then as the J School. I worked in the Business & Placement Office. My boss, Mr. Bob Crow (or Col. Crow), was the...
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Susan Percy
1966 "Clueless" is the word that comes to mind when I recall the 18-year-old me who arrived in Athens with a manual typewriter and a firm but unfocused notion that I wanted to write, and set out to major in journalism....
Michael H. Perry
1965 In the best Southern tradition , I wanted to be a writer, but rather than starve, I decided to go into advertising and public relations. Journalism 101 taught by Dean Drewry was my first J class as a freshman. Day...
Leara Rhodes
1970 As a sports writer for the Red and Black, I covered women's field hockey, synchronized swimming and women's riflery.
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